Activity: Eco-Friendly Facials Print

eco-friendly-facials-400Some adults spend lots of money having professionals rub goop into their skin. Frankly, if you want to rub glop into your face (and we’re not saying it might not pay off someday in terms of fewer zits or wrinkles, or both), there’s plenty of great goo in your very own kitchen. Plus, you get to look really dreadful with these homemade combinations and if, for example, it happens to be a rainy day and several members of your family are home, you can have fun looking dreadful together!

What you’ll need:

Any of the following:
– Avocados
– Instant oatmeal
– (non-flavored) Plain yogurt
– Cucumbers
– Papayas

What to do:

1. Put on a headband or kerchief so you don’t get too much glop in your hair.

2. Mash the avocado with a fork; add enough water-or yogurt- to the oatmeal to make a paste; peel and slice the cucumber; peel and mash the papaya.

3. Now for the fun part. Slather your choice of slimy substances onto your face alone or in an artistic combination.

4. The cucumber slices are good for over the eyes, but you can also mince them and combine them with the yogurt. Wear the mush for about ten or fifteen minutes or until you find yourself chewing your upper lip or picking at the drying crust.

5. If you’re with friends, you might want to take a few pictures before you rinse off. Now tell each other, “You look marvelous!”

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