Activity: Nasty Nature Hunt Print

nasty-nature-hunt-300Here’s your excuse to seek out the nastiest things nature has to offer. Not only can you totally disgust your Mom with your findings, you’ll also earn points towards victory in this gross game.

What you’ll need:

– At least one buddy so you can have two teams
– A pen or a printer
– 2 brown paper grocery bags
– 2 thimbles (or something similar in size that can be filled with sap)

What to do:

Print out (or copy down) the list of icky items and points earned (see below) for each team. Then take your grocery bag and thimble and go out into the weird and wicked wilderness to find them. Whoever gets the most points wins. If both teams find everything, the team that finds them first is definitely the Yuckiest.

Icky Items List: Points Earned:

2 dead moths 2
a thimble full of tree sap 2
bird doo-doo in a plastic baggy 5
green caterpillar guts 4
the roundest rock you’ve ever seen 3
a quarter minted before 1980 4
25 wild red berries (any kind but don’t steal them from the fridge!) 2
a four leaf clover (be creative to accomplish this if you must) 6
a stick that looks like the letter “L” 4

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