Activity: Peach Pit Pendant Print

peach-pit-pendant-400One of the squishiest things about summer is peaches – slimy, sticky, and highly perishable. Peaches are one of the few really seasonal fruits left. Do you ever get peaches in the winter, except in a can? Well, this activity won’t change that, but it will help you get the absolute most out of summer’s slimiest fruit.

Begin by eating all the meat off your peach, and keep going. Suck on that peach pit for another day or two! Then, take it out and leave it on the windowsill, or the bathroom sink, overnight.

Occasionally, a peach pit will split in half under the strain … if that happens, start over. Once you’ve got all the flesh off your peach pit, you’re ready for phase two: filing.

Now, you get to carry your pet peach pit around in your pocket and, whenever you’ve got nothing much else going on, you take it out and rub the round parts back and forth on the pavement.

Depending on how much time you spend doing “nothing” this summer, this part of the project can actually take weeks. Eventually, however, you wind up with a flat, smooth, extremely cool wooden keepsake. You can drill a small hole in it, to make it into a pendant, or just stow it. Peachy!

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