Activity: Sweeten Your Sneaks Print

sweeten-your-sneakers-400It’s always sad to part with a pair of tennis shoes that have stood by you in times of need. Sure they stink, sure they’re a little sad and mangy, but do they really need to end their days in a landfill? Well, yes, eventually, but not just yet. For this project, yesterday’s sneakers are today’s flower pot!

What you’ll need:

– An old pair of leather or suede sneakers (canvas is too floppy)
– Potting soil
– A utility knife
– Some flowering nursery plants that like small spaces and can tolerate lots of sun (lobelia or geraniums, for example).

What to do:

1. Unless the sneakers already have perforations around the sole, carefully have a grown-up cut some holes just above the seam between the leather upper and the sole of the shoe. This is so water can drain out.

2. Next, completely fill the shoe with soil and dig a little hole big enough to plant the flowers. Put one or two plants in each sneaker and water them before you put the flowering sneakers in a sunny spot, like a windowsill or front step.

3. To keep the flowers going, make sure you pinch off dead blooms and water your sneakers a little bit every day.

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