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Discovering New Things in the Night SkyBy ParksByNature Network

Stargazing is easy and fun! The coolest part is you don’t even need a telescope. You just need dark skies!

Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to see the stars when there are other lights around, but when it’s really dark out you can see so many more?

All the outdoor lights at night can make it difficult or even impossible to see the stars! So where can you find dark skies? Rural areas like state parks are great because they are away from light pollution. Light pollution has a lot of things in common with other forms of pollution. The farther away you are from the lights of highly populated areas like cities, the darker your skies will be. And the more stars will be visible!

You can expect to see some cool things when you look up at the dark night sky. For one thing you can see the Milky Way, the galaxy our solar system is a part of. We are on the outer edge of the galaxy so we can look back at it and see what it looks like.

The Milky Way isn’t the only thing you can see in the vast sky. Out in the wilderness where the skies are really dark you can see the sun’s light reflecting off of the dust out in space. This is known as zodiacal light. These lights in the night sky can be so faint that even moonlight can make them invisible. Pretty neat, huh?

By now you must be so excited to do some stargazing of your own! Find a park near you and get to it.

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