Article: How is wind created? Print

wind-300The Earth’s atmosphere is a gaseous layer that wraps around the Earth, separating the planet from the rest of the universe. It sits above the planet, held in place by gravity. Air is in constant motion. It is affected by changes in pressure and temperature. When one area heats up more than another area that it is next to, the difference in pressure creates wind. It is a rotation cycle of cool air and warm air.

Air that grows warmer rises upward. This is called an updraft. Cooler air flows to the surface to fill up the space vacated by the rising air. This cooler air also heats up and rises. The air above cools down, but it can’t get back to the surface because of the warm air rising from beneath it. This flow of air pushes off to the side as wind, to head back to where the cooler air came from.

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