Article: Top 5 Shark Stories to Know Print

Shark Week fans know that the excitement doesn’t stop after just one week. Prepare for the #Shweekend by brushing up on your news and stories surrounding the ocean’s MVP.

Here are the top 5 shark moments you should know.


1. Meet Deep Blue, the Most Massive Shark You’ll Ever See!

Deep Blue’s estimated length is 20 feet and appeared extra large because she was pregnant with baby Great Whites! Learn more about her from



2. Sharks Found Living In Underwater Volcano

Sharks have inhabited oceans for longer than many sea animals, adapting to many new conditions over the years. These sharks happened to make a cozy home inside of an underwater volcano!



3. The Unique Traits of Epaulette Sharks

Epaulette sharks are a very special breed. Instead of swimming, they often “walk” with their fins. If they ever run out of oxygen, their brains can shut down non-essential functions so that their blood stays pumping to keep them alive.



4. Shark Shoots Out of Water Like a Missile

You probably know that sharks can jump out of the water – but this one wins for catching the most air.



5. The Shark That Lived Among Dinosaurs

This is one massive prehistoric shark! How big do you think its teeth were?

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