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space-food-300Astronauts in space eat many of the same things that you eat at home. They can eat beef, chicken, eggs and even dessert. The difference is that when you eat in zero gravity, the food — liquids and solids, even crumbs — can float away. But scientists have come up with ways to package it so that the food ends up in the astronaut’s stomach and not on the ceiling of the spacecraft.

Technology has advanced since the early days of space flight. Today, astronauts can make their own menu from a variety of foods and drinks. All the astronauts need is water and an oven. Before the flight, astronauts get to choose what food they will take with them. The astronauts taste different things and give them a score. The highest rated foods get on the menu, though a dietician has the final say on the menu. The food has to be nutritious with enough vitamins and minerals. Astronauts need more of some vitamins and less of others when they are in space.

Courtesy: HowStuffWorks

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