Article: What Made the Titanic Sink? Print


Many circumstances happened to bring about the disaster of the Titanic.

The Titanic was the most modern ship of her day. She featured the latest technological innovations, yet some material used in her construction turned out to be inadequate.

Poorly made wrought-iron rivets caused the steel plates on the hull to come apart.
To make matter worse, the Titanic had been sailing too fast, Capt. Edward J. Smith had paid too little attention to iceberg warnings, and there had not been enough lifeboats onboard.

When a series of unfortunate circumstances come together like it did for the Titanic, it’s called an “event cascade.” It was this event cascade that ultimately led to the Titanic’s demise.

Photo: The RMS Titanic under construction in Belfast. Credit: Library of Congress/George Grantham Bain collection.

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