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spacesuits-300Outer space is far less welcoming than our wonderful planet Earth. Within a few seconds, you’d pass out from lack of oxygen in space. Your blood would “boil” then freeze due to the lack of air pressure. You’d be faced with 248-degree Fahrenheit (120-degree Celsius) heat from the sun and minus-148-degree Fahrenheit (-100 degrees C) cold when hidden from the sun. You’d also be exposed to a lot of radiation from cosmic rays.

A spacesuit gives you oxygen and a pressurized atmosphere. Actually, the air you breathe in a spacesuit has more oxygen than the air you breathe on Earth! The spacesuit ensures you’re not too hot or too cold. It protects you somewhat from radiation. It lets you see clearly and lets you talk with other astronauts and ground control back on Earth. It lets you move around and do your work. So, next time you go for a trip to outer space, don’t forget your spacesuit!

Courtesy: HowStuffWorks

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