Article: Will the Earth ever run out of water? Print

water-300No, the Earth will not run out of water. That’s because the amount of water is always the same — it just changes in form. Water from oceans, lakes and rivers evaporates into the atmosphere. There it becomes clouds and returns to Earth as rain or snow. Plants and animals consume water, but they also release water (when they sweat, or use the bathroom).

However, we might run out of clean water. Almost all of the water on Earth is salt water, and 77 percent of the fresh water is frozen at the Earth’s poles. That leaves very little for drinking, washing and farming. As the Earth’s population grows, there are more people who need water. Also, the amount of water that people use has increased over the years.

A further problem is that many human activities pollute water. Scientists and environmentalists are working on ways to cut the pollution and purify our water.

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